Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long labor day weekend

Hi! I can't believe my awesome long weekend has ended!
I'm also very glad that the bay bridge is open again. It would suck to find an alternative way to get to work.

Well I was in SoCal this weekend. I went to the SD Zoo and just hung out in LA most of the time. I didn't do anything exciting though. It was nice to just relax and not have to rush everywhere. Oh and I finally bought the Cher magazine with the two eco bags! I've been waiting for it at the SF Kinokuniya bookstore forever! Good thing they e-mailed me when they got it! ahhaha!

Here is a picture I took while on the aerial tram at the SD Zoo! I think I will make a separate animal post lol! I think there will be too many pics if I included those.

We also went to get some sushi afterwards. The place had really fresh fish! Too far to eat at again though!
Kobe Beef! It was sooooo good!

What a random blog entry yea?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Catching up

Oh another week...
I don't have to start work in the afternoon now! I start in the morning again. I'm pretty happy about that. Well I met up with 2 of my best buddies from high school on Saturday. I haven't seen them in 2 years but they are still the same girls as I remember. I will try to keep in touch with them! Everyone just seems so busy these days. I guess we're all growing up.
I went to my backyard the other day since the weather was SOOoo NICE! Then I saw the bike I used during my college years laying on the ground. It used to be such a cute light blue beach cruiser but look at it now! It's all rusty and dead now. I should have taken better care of it. I haven't biked in ages either...I also tried some gadgets recently. I went to the Daiso a few weeks ago and saw this nose roller that's supposed to thin out my nose and make it appear higher. So here is the pic of it with some nail glitter that I haven't even opened yet.

So what do I think of it? I think it's useless unless I'm using it wrong. It made my nose so red and it was a bit swollen too. I hate how my nose is but I don't think this will work for me. It was fun to try anyway.

I also got the Clarisonic!! It was actually a gift so I tried it last night. It worked so well! My face was so smooth after and it felt great while I was using it. Sounds gross but I haven't exfoliated my face in ages!! I was thinking of buying a exfoliator but this works! I used it with the face wash it came with. Smelled great and didn't break my face out.

The charger is cool too! It's not pictured here though!

So that's it for today!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crummy weekend...

I thought the weekend was going to be fun, but it ended up being one of the worst weekends ever!
My bf was here and we were so excited to go to the San Francisco Street Food festival but it really wasn't all that exciting. First of all we made the mistake of taking the bus there! This crazy guy on the bus started telling my bf to not stand next to him. "Go stand next to yo girl... I don't wanna have anything to do with you like she doesn't wanna have anything to do wit you. Go home and play your Nintendo or something." And blah blah blah. Wow what a weirdo... you know the bus was FULL. No seats anywhere. The weather was very bad too... windy and cold! I wasn't dressed for the occasion either lol.

Ok so when we got there, there were lines everywhere for food. The food sold were from actual restaurants except for the creme brulee cart guy. This guy next to us summed it all up perfectly... "This isn't a food festival, it's the San Francisco line festival!" lol Well if I wanted to try these restaurants, I would probably just go to the actual restaurant and not wait in line for an hour or something. We finally saw a lady serving real street food.. you know the corn with the cheese and chili pepper? lol so we got that and left!
I don't know who's arm this belongs to...

We ended up going shopping in downtown and those Asian boutiques later and that was cool until I started feeling sick after eating at a place in Chinatown. Maybe I was cold? Well I just felt dizzy and bloated so we decided to go home. I felt so bad because I was sick the rest of the weekend meaning my bf wasn't able to go anywhere. We stayed home and watched HK dramas haha! I was sleeping most of the day on Sunday from the medicine. He said it was ok but I still feel bad.. At least I'm all better now. Well I really should stop shopping! Buying way too much jewelry and skirts lol. Here's a dress I bought that I really like. I hope I get a chance to wear this... not in this COLD COLD weather though!!
Fits perfectly!

Monday, August 17, 2009

New People opening and Indie-Mart

I had such an awesome and tiring weekend! How was everyone's?
I went to the grand opening of New People which is a "mall" with a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Black Peace Now, and 6% Doki Doki in San Francisco's Japantown yesterday. VERY cute stores but SOOO expensive. I think the Lolita style looks pretty cute but I was too afraid to try it out back then. Maybe I will buy something? I saw too many cute Loli's. Oh and there is a movie theater on the bottom floor and an art gallery on the third floor.

Cute LOLI's!
Bear Brick inside the New People store.

Lovely artwork from 天野 喜孝, the designer of Final Fantasy!

So I went to the Indie-Mart in San Francisco today. It's held 3 times a year and features clothing, jewelry, accessories, and other fun stuff from local designers. Everything was just so cooL! I wanted to buy so much more but did not bring enough cash! haha I think that's a good thing!

All the clothing and goods stands!

Ok so I bought a shirt made from recycled clothing. Also bought a jacket but I didn't take a pic of it.

There's no such thing as too many accessories. The feather and ribbon are both hair clips. The feather is really pretty actually. Click for a closeup!

So that was my weekend. The weather was insanely nice for San Francisco. Not looking forward to work tomorrow though.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My makeup must haves!

Yo! It sure feels like a Thursday... and I have no idea why.
I don't usually wear makeup to work but I do on the weekends! Here is what I always have to have if I need to put on makeup!!

-Eyelash curler from Shiseido
-Mushroom BB Cream from Skinfood. I just use moisturizer then put this on and I'm good to go!
-Guerlain Meteorites in Rosy Glow for the cheeks. Can be used on all over the face for some shimmer.
-Shu Uemura eyeshadows!
-Darkness fake eyelashes. I use #1,2, and 9. 2 is the most natural.
-Revlon Liquid liner
-Shiseido Majolica Majorca mascara! Works so well!!
I stopped wearing concealer because it just makes my undereye area worse!! HELP!!!

By the way, does anyone play Poupee Girl?
Wow I really don't like the idea of a Jewel system... Good thing all the items in the jewel category are all ugly!! lol well... I do like the ribbon dress.><

Friday, August 7, 2009

Almost there!

Yo! It's been so long but I'm still alive!
I've just been very busy...
I went to LA last weekend and didn't want to leave. It's nice to get out of town once in a while right? It went by so fast though... I just wanted to update a bit here.

I've been so obsessed with face masks haha! They feel so darn good!
I'm liking the brand so far! I think I may need to go get more.

Oh and I finally tried chicken and waffles for the first time in LA! Kind of weird but it was so good! I felt so unhealthy after though. Maybe it was because I also got half a fried chicken covered in gravy.><
Yea that's about it today.. I need to go to the dentist tomorrow! AHH!
I already miss my bf! Him driving me around and everything. I have to drive myself around everyday. Too bad public transportation isn't that great around here.

Wow he's making such a weird face..><

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ok what did I do this weekend? I went Urban hiking on Saturday at the Lands End trail in San Francisco. I've never done something like that before hehe. That trail is supposed to have some amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge but guess what? It was sooo foggy on the coast so I couldn't see shiet! I'll keep going until I finally see it! So determined to walk all the way to the GGB too. Oh and then I ate a lot the rest of the weekend. Not a very interesting weekend I know. The rest of this post is going to be a very boring...

I know everyone has their regrets but one of the things I regret the most is hurting my eye area without knowing it when I was younger. I am now 24 and already have fine lines under my eyes! I used to put concealer on like crazy when I was in college and rubbed it in... yes, I did not dab it on but RUBBED it on. I never really took care of my eyes either. I didn't start using eye cream twice a day until I was 22 lol. I only used a depuffer type of eyecream too which is quite useless since I don't have puffy eyes. I have really bad panda eyes too so I look even older with those lines. I never really had any obvious lines until I noticed them during my Hong Kong trip last winter. I think it got worst when I wore concealer on the plane which probably dried the crap out of my undereye area. Aww I'm so sad.. all I can do now is try to lessen it and make sure no new ones show up. You can say that I have started taking some desperate measures. I've been trying to drink more water, sleep early, and I have switched to a wrinkle eyecream. I've started using Kinerase since everyone seems to think it's the best thing ever. I know it's not going to totally erase my lines but I hope it helps in some way. I wanted to try La Mer but it's way out of my budget. I'll probably start using that when I'm older or something. I also bought the Shiseido Benefiance Retinol eye masks which seem to be helping a bit. Ok I'll know in a few months or something... I really need to start living a healthier lifestyle. I am trying to sleep a full 8-9 hours.. that's why I'm never online anymore lol! Anymore suggestions would help... I'm in so much need of it.

Thanks for reading. Well I'll leave a picture too.
This is a pic I took at Legoland California where San Francisco was built entirely of legos. Very cool!^^

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ahhhhh I want the weekend to come already! Well I discovered something new called PIGG by Ameba. If you have an Ameba account, you can get a PIGG! It's very addictive... I want to keep doing those scratchy card stuff to get new items lol. It's kind of like a more active baby version of Poupee Girl. It's hard for me to communicate with people on there since I don't speak Japanese... but some PIGGs will chat with me lol. I know it sounds strange but the whole cute concept of it makes me want to keep playing!

Well I wanted to post some food stuff from NYC but I didn't take pics of everything I ate. I would be so hungry sometimes that I would just eat it and then forget about taking pics. There's a good example here... I think it's the yakitori. You'll see what I mean. Oh and my pics from now on are going to be clickable. Yea I know my previous ones weren't. I think I might change them sometime in the future when I have time.

First place we ate at was the SHAKE SHACK! There was a crazy line because the Pride Parade was going on. This was so good! Two beef patties plus a fried mushroom patty and lotsa cheesE! We ate here twice. The other time was for an after dinner snack. Yes we are pigs.

Pizza of course from Lombardi's! They pride themselves for being the first licensed pizza restaurant in all of America. We ate so much pizza in NYC but the others were more like non sitdown pizza places lol. I never knew pizza could be this good. Yum yum.

Ramen from Ippudo! It was a long wait and kind of on the pricey side but it was so tasty!! This was with pork bone base I think. It sure tasted like it. I love ramen so much!

We went to Katz Deli! We got a pastrami sandwich and a corned beef sandwich! This one pictured is the corned beef one. They put so much meat in and I love how they carve the meat in front of you. I know we went to a lot of the touristy restaurants haha.

We ate yakitori at Yakitori Taisho! It was so cool because the restaurant looks so classic. Them bbqing it in front of you. We got all sorts of strange stuff... like chicken kidney, heart, skin, and beef tongue! haha I know it sounds weird but it was very good. The chicken kidney was the best one! I already started eating before taking the pic which explains the empty areas.

Creamy salmon yakisoba from the same yakitori place. I ordered the wrong thing... I just wanted the regular Japanese yakisoba. It was still good though!!

Congee from Congee Village. They served their congee in clay pots so it was still bubbling when it got to our table. Can you see the bubbles? This one was the beef congee. We also ordered an abalone chicken congee. Very inexpensive... one claypot is around 3 bowls and we payed less than $10 with the fried bread for two people.

Steamed soup pork dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) from Joe's Shanghai! They don't break when you pick it up and they're huge! I've never seen such huge XLBs before! Yummy.

Grilled corn from Cafe Habana. Sorry for the bad pic... the lighting was bad. I know we have this in LA too but still these were GREAT! We had our main dishes there which was steak and pork. Both were great too. I just have bad pics of them so I won't bother posting.

There were so many gelato places. Grom was the second gelato place we went to. It was so refreshing! Aww I feel like eating gelato now...

There was so much cream soda in NY!! I love cream soda!^^

We also went to those Halal carts and we went to that popular cart on 56th i think? I was too excited and ate before taking a pic that time too lol. I had such a wonderful time eating yay! It's all going to my thighs lol.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New York City trip: Part I Sightseeing

I had such a great weekend full of family stuff. It's nice because I haven't spent much time with them lately and it's great to just stay home after a long week of work!

I have more updates from NYC! This is just the sightseeing part so there will be no food included hehe. I have so many pictures so it was hard for me to pick out which ones to post on here. I didn't take pictures of every place we went to like Soho! We were too busy shopping haha!

View of part of Times Square from the M &M store.

M&M store and Hershey's store in the background! I wish the Las Vegas one was this cool.

Big yellow M&M and I

Times square at night!!

The bf and I at the Rockefellar Center! There were too many people.

The famous LOVE! It's very huge!

At NBC! Can you tell the peacock's feathers are composed of candy? I'm not sure if they're M&M's or skittles tough. We took the Studio Tour but picture taking was not allowed.

Leaving Manhattan to go see the Statue of Liberty on the free Staten Island ferry.

Yay Statue of Liberty!

Outside the UN (United Nations). I thought this peace gun was cool.

Inside the UN! I felt so overwhelmed during the tour. We saw what the UN soldiers were trying to do for the world today. Exhibits such as remains from the atomic bomb in Japan showed why war is terrible!

We went to the Apollo theater tribute to Michael Jackson. There were many fans from everywhere in the world.

Some special gifts that the fans left. The figure of Michael Jackson in the pic was completely made out of flowers.

I know it's a lot of pictures for one post but there was just so much to do in New York! It was so fun.. I want to go again. My seems like more of a photo blog now but I'm fine with that though. Back to watching that Taiwanese singing show!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DC trip!

I've been having such a hard time after coming back from vacation. I've been busy at work since I am behind! I hope to catch up soon! I miss NYC sooo much! I should have stayed longer lol. Well I plan to go back soon! We needed to go to DC so that cut down our NYC trip. I decided to blog about DC first even though we went there last.

Our cute $1 double decker megabus to DC from NYC! I wish we had this on the West Coast.

I gotta say... we did A LOT of walking in DC. I knew we were going to be walking a lot but I didn't know everything was so far away. Good thing I brought tennis shoes hehe!

The Washington Monument+me! It's so big in real life! lol

The White House! We could only see it from far away though. We didn't do those tours.

The Lincoln Memorial was so far away from everything. I was so happy when we finally reached it!

That concluded our first day there. We also went to the Arlington Cemetery and the Pentagon but didn't get any good pictures. We were then yelled at by security many times because we were taking pictures at the Pentagon and accidentally walking in restricted areas lol. Well we ended up eating at Hank's Oyster Bar after a long day of sight-seeing. The oysters were so yummy but so expensive!

We went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum the next day. That took us the whole day already. I felt like I didn't have time to read anything in the museum.

Me+Apollo 11. We got to look inside it too! So cool!

There were so many planes from the past and now hanging from the ceiling! Very cool museum. I'm so glad we went!

We went to get a spot for the fireworks on the National Mall. There were so many people!! There was also a concert in front of the capitol but it was too difficult to get a spot. I think some people camped out for the whole day or something.

The fireworks were so pretty! It was a long show too!

We went to eat after because we knew there would be a lot of people at the metro stations. There were still so many people after eating. Even though there were crowds, spending the 4th of July in DC was awesome and a great experience!