Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crummy weekend...

I thought the weekend was going to be fun, but it ended up being one of the worst weekends ever!
My bf was here and we were so excited to go to the San Francisco Street Food festival but it really wasn't all that exciting. First of all we made the mistake of taking the bus there! This crazy guy on the bus started telling my bf to not stand next to him. "Go stand next to yo girl... I don't wanna have anything to do with you like she doesn't wanna have anything to do wit you. Go home and play your Nintendo or something." And blah blah blah. Wow what a weirdo... you know the bus was FULL. No seats anywhere. The weather was very bad too... windy and cold! I wasn't dressed for the occasion either lol.

Ok so when we got there, there were lines everywhere for food. The food sold were from actual restaurants except for the creme brulee cart guy. This guy next to us summed it all up perfectly... "This isn't a food festival, it's the San Francisco line festival!" lol Well if I wanted to try these restaurants, I would probably just go to the actual restaurant and not wait in line for an hour or something. We finally saw a lady serving real street food.. you know the corn with the cheese and chili pepper? lol so we got that and left!
I don't know who's arm this belongs to...

We ended up going shopping in downtown and those Asian boutiques later and that was cool until I started feeling sick after eating at a place in Chinatown. Maybe I was cold? Well I just felt dizzy and bloated so we decided to go home. I felt so bad because I was sick the rest of the weekend meaning my bf wasn't able to go anywhere. We stayed home and watched HK dramas haha! I was sleeping most of the day on Sunday from the medicine. He said it was ok but I still feel bad.. At least I'm all better now. Well I really should stop shopping! Buying way too much jewelry and skirts lol. Here's a dress I bought that I really like. I hope I get a chance to wear this... not in this COLD COLD weather though!!
Fits perfectly!


Jen said...

Boo to public transportation wackos! I hate that crap. :(

Sorry you ended up feeling so poorly for the rest of the weekend. Bummer.

The dress is gorgeous btw!

emma said...

the dress is so lovely!

Lovely_Moo said...

yea i know too many crazy weirdos! Yea I love the dress so much!

Thanks! It's a really nice fitting dress toO!