Friday, August 7, 2009

Almost there!

Yo! It's been so long but I'm still alive!
I've just been very busy...
I went to LA last weekend and didn't want to leave. It's nice to get out of town once in a while right? It went by so fast though... I just wanted to update a bit here.

I've been so obsessed with face masks haha! They feel so darn good!
I'm liking the brand so far! I think I may need to go get more.

Oh and I finally tried chicken and waffles for the first time in LA! Kind of weird but it was so good! I felt so unhealthy after though. Maybe it was because I also got half a fried chicken covered in gravy.><
Yea that's about it today.. I need to go to the dentist tomorrow! AHH!
I already miss my bf! Him driving me around and everything. I have to drive myself around everyday. Too bad public transportation isn't that great around here.

Wow he's making such a weird face..><


Jasmin said...

finally you updated! i was wondering where you are =)

pankeke said...

hahahaha, your bf is making the face my uncle always makes !!

i love those bihada masks !! and all of japan apparently does too xD

emma said...

cute photos!

Lovely_Moo said...

haha yea i've been too lazy to update!

omg your uncle makes that face?? lol i hate it when he does that though. his lips might stay that way!>< yea those masks feel so good! so moisturizing.

thanks for stopping by!^^

milu said...

Hi^^ how do u doing?? ^^
So good , at least u have car to drive...not me..i have to take boring bus ^^;;

Lovely_Moo said...

I'm doing great! Haha I wish I could take the bus to work!! You know how angry I am with other drivers on the road when I'm driving?
Oh I can't post on your blog for some reason. There's no space for me to type in the verification word! ><