Monday, August 17, 2009

New People opening and Indie-Mart

I had such an awesome and tiring weekend! How was everyone's?
I went to the grand opening of New People which is a "mall" with a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Black Peace Now, and 6% Doki Doki in San Francisco's Japantown yesterday. VERY cute stores but SOOO expensive. I think the Lolita style looks pretty cute but I was too afraid to try it out back then. Maybe I will buy something? I saw too many cute Loli's. Oh and there is a movie theater on the bottom floor and an art gallery on the third floor.

Cute LOLI's!
Bear Brick inside the New People store.

Lovely artwork from 天野 喜孝, the designer of Final Fantasy!

So I went to the Indie-Mart in San Francisco today. It's held 3 times a year and features clothing, jewelry, accessories, and other fun stuff from local designers. Everything was just so cooL! I wanted to buy so much more but did not bring enough cash! haha I think that's a good thing!

All the clothing and goods stands!

Ok so I bought a shirt made from recycled clothing. Also bought a jacket but I didn't take a pic of it.

There's no such thing as too many accessories. The feather and ribbon are both hair clips. The feather is really pretty actually. Click for a closeup!

So that was my weekend. The weather was insanely nice for San Francisco. Not looking forward to work tomorrow though.


Erin said...

I went in a few days after the opening (I didn't want to wait in line) and those shops are so much smaller than I thought they would be! I do like seeing the different styles represented, though.

Great buys, btw. That top is adorable, and so are the accessories! I love bows right now ♥

Lovely_Moo said...

Yea I went the first day because I was so curiouS!! haha yea it's definately much smaller than I expected! The styles are too expensive anyways. It's cool to just window shop.