Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ok what did I do this weekend? I went Urban hiking on Saturday at the Lands End trail in San Francisco. I've never done something like that before hehe. That trail is supposed to have some amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge but guess what? It was sooo foggy on the coast so I couldn't see shiet! I'll keep going until I finally see it! So determined to walk all the way to the GGB too. Oh and then I ate a lot the rest of the weekend. Not a very interesting weekend I know. The rest of this post is going to be a very boring...

I know everyone has their regrets but one of the things I regret the most is hurting my eye area without knowing it when I was younger. I am now 24 and already have fine lines under my eyes! I used to put concealer on like crazy when I was in college and rubbed it in... yes, I did not dab it on but RUBBED it on. I never really took care of my eyes either. I didn't start using eye cream twice a day until I was 22 lol. I only used a depuffer type of eyecream too which is quite useless since I don't have puffy eyes. I have really bad panda eyes too so I look even older with those lines. I never really had any obvious lines until I noticed them during my Hong Kong trip last winter. I think it got worst when I wore concealer on the plane which probably dried the crap out of my undereye area. Aww I'm so sad.. all I can do now is try to lessen it and make sure no new ones show up. You can say that I have started taking some desperate measures. I've been trying to drink more water, sleep early, and I have switched to a wrinkle eyecream. I've started using Kinerase since everyone seems to think it's the best thing ever. I know it's not going to totally erase my lines but I hope it helps in some way. I wanted to try La Mer but it's way out of my budget. I'll probably start using that when I'm older or something. I also bought the Shiseido Benefiance Retinol eye masks which seem to be helping a bit. Ok I'll know in a few months or something... I really need to start living a healthier lifestyle. I am trying to sleep a full 8-9 hours.. that's why I'm never online anymore lol! Anymore suggestions would help... I'm in so much need of it.

Thanks for reading. Well I'll leave a picture too.
This is a pic I took at Legoland California where San Francisco was built entirely of legos. Very cool!^^

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