Monday, June 21, 2010

Redondo Beach Seafood!

Hi! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was nice and long because I took today off. I really needed the break. I was down in LA and I just went crazy with the shopping. There were too many discounts... I couldn't help it. All my hauls will probably be in another post. I will mainly blog about the food haha!

I finally went to Redondo Beach because I wanted to try the fresh Santa Barbara sea urchins. I never knew they were so famous in Japan even. I feel so dumb now because I used to go to college at UC Santa Barbara so I could have just gone to the finish market in the morning. I had heard about it but I was always so lazy about getting up. Well now that I know there's a fish market called Quality Seafood in Redondo Beach, I don't have to drive up to SB for fresh sea urchins anymore.

Picked out my sea urchin. It sure was alive....

The guy whacked it and cleaning it out for us.

Here you go. Time to eat up. It tasted so fresh and it was still moving and it tried to climb out of our plate. I felt so barbaric. These kids were like "can we touch it?" "What is it?" We got a lot of attention while eating lol.

Me holding it. It was still moving dude... even after we finished eating it! I bought this hat at UO for $5 because they had an additional 50% off sale items. I got this 3 weeks ago but they had that kind of sale again just this past weekend.

We also picked out a red snapper and got it fried on the spot. It was really good!

We got a nice view of the dock while we were eating!

There was also an oyster bar with all different kinds of live oysters, like my fave kumamoto oysters. They kept having to go back to refill it because everyone wanted to eat that type. We skipped on oysters because the wait was way too long. I would go to Quality Seafood again. You could seriously just pick what you want to eat and they'll cook it right there for you. I mean even clams, lobsters, and crabs.

So on Sunday, we went and tried a Thai restaurant called Sapp Coffee Shop. I honestly only knew about it after watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations lol. I tried the boat noodles and it turned out fabulous! I've never had this type of noodle soup before so it was exciting to try something new. The broth was concentrated, beefy, and full of spices. Good thing I only asked for medium spicy and didn't ask for spicy because it would have been too intense for me. The one I ordered might not be for everyone though. It had beef and innards like liver, tendon, and tripe. Don't worry, there is also boat noodles with just beef!

So that's it. Time to pass out now! Bye!


γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Your outfit is very cute and summery, it matched the weather well it seems!

Oh you tried so many interesting kinds of food. I think I've tried sea urchin but honestly I don't remember haha!

The Thai noodle soup looks super yummy. The tendons are ok, but you're right, I can't handle tripe and liver!

Monica Tang said...

You look so cute, and I agree with the comment above. Your outfit is very cute and summery!

Moo said...

Sara Mari: Thanks! Yea the dress was perfect for the hot weather! I think you've probably had sea urchin but didn't even know it heheh. It tastes pretty good but it really depends on the first experience. Yep, the Thai noodle soup is so good. I think it's the soup base!

Monica: Thanks for the comment! I love wearing summer time clothes!