Friday, June 11, 2010

Gardens of Versailles

Hi, I'm back with another post! I usually don't update this frequently but I'll try to keep this up. I have so much stuff to post lol.

One of my favorite parts of my Versailles trip were the gardens of Versailles. It was so massive so I was not able to see everything. Some people rented golf carts and bikes but we were too cheap to do that. We didn't even get to see the gardens at Marie Antoinette's estate. We didn't know about it and it was already pretty late so we just left. We were trying to make it back to the Louvre. I really regret it now! We still had a lot of fun though.

Looking to the left of the gardens.

Cool patterns.

View of the north side. So massive right?

Looking back towards the palace. Too bad the fountains weren't on since we went on a weekday. I heard it's amazing when they're on.

Me with some grass sculptures lol. I don't know what these are called but they were cute!

More of those.

Apollo fountain!

Real swans were swimming around in there.

A sweet British man was selling hot potatoes (baked potatoes). We got the beef stew one which turned out to be really good! It was perfect for a chilly day.

Seems like my blog is more of a photo blog now but I think photos are more interesting anyways right? Ok Marie Antoinette's estate will be next! Byebye!


Ken said...

hi shu long time no talk! how are u?
what an awesome trip u took!

HANA said...

Such a nice post! Makes me miss traveling so much.

I linked this post on my Weekly Wrapup!

Hana @ Finding Tokyo

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

It looks so beautiful there! Thanks for posting the photos. When I lived in Switzerland and England, we never got to Versailles on our visits to France, which is too bad, since it looks lovely from your photos.^^

Moo said...

Ken: Yea I had so much fun! I'm doing ok. I hope you're doing well! Talk to you later.

Hana: Thanks for linking me!^^ I miss Paris already lol.

Sakie and Thomas Gantz: Thanks for stopping by! Too bad that day was so gloomy so the pictures didn't turn out too good! You should go do a Paris trip and stop by Versailles!

Jenny said...

Absolutely breathtaking!