Thursday, June 25, 2009

Skincare stuff

I'm so glad this week is moving by fast! I'll be going to NYC on Saturday then to DC! I went to NYC 4 years ago but I've never been to DC before. Well I'm starting to pack already just to make sure I don't forget anything important. I hate it when that happens!

I just wanted to blog before leaving... I know I won't have time on the trip. I've been drinking a lot of milk lately. I never liked the taste of milk before but I'm starting to have a thirst for milk lol! My face has actually gotten a lot smoother since starting! Some people have actually broken out from drinking milk so it may be bad for your skin in that way! I guess I'm one of those people who didn't get acne from milk. Here is my fave kind of milk! I would get 2% but my dad likes 1% so whatever lol. I love the cute cow on it too!

I've been using a skincare line called Boscia for 3 years now and I'm not planning on trying anything new anytime soon. It's a line from the Japanese brand Fancl. It's really hard to get actual Fancl stuff in stores in the U.S. so I tried Boscia. Everything is preservative-free and their products contain botanicals. It works well with my dry skin. I heard they are also good for those with combination skin. I love their cleanser, Soothing Cleansing Cream because you apply it like a lotion then wash it off with water. My skin doesn't feel like the moisture on my face got stripped away. Their Makeup Breakup makeup remover is awesome too! You use it the same way as the cleanser! Those two products are my fave from the line. I highly recommend the moisturizers too. Make sure to use it up within 6 months after the open date. It's not hard to do since the bottles don't come with that much product. I don't think I could go anywhere without the products in the picture except the eye cream. I would try something cheaper since I haven't noticed any changes in my undereye area while using this.

Products in the picture:
Soothing Cleansing Cream
Enliving Amino-AG Eye Treatment
Balancing Facial Tonic
Makeup-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil
Vital Daily Moisture SPF15
Recharging Night Moisture

Here's a pic of my skin at the moment. I don't have BB cream on or anything. I didn't want to use my whole makeup-less face in the pic lol. I'll probably scare some people.

Ok time to sleep! Thanks for reading!


pankeke said...

wow your skin is pretty much AMAZING, i have skin problems no matter what i do!! it's horrible =( i'm starting to think it's because i'm always stressed out ha ha

hannie said...

your skin looks PERFECT, i am so jealous!! you dont need any skincare or anything!

Jasmin said...

moo have a great and safe trip in NY and DC; looking forward to your pictures and stories!

Lovely_Moo said...

My skin was so so so bad but I think it got better because I didn't switch products around as much! Your skin looks fine to me from your photos. Try to think of happy thoughts if you're stressed!

Thanks but my skin was pretty bad! It's gotten a lot better but I still have some uneven pink spots on my cheeks so I need to cover that up! lol

I will take lots and lots of pics for sure! Too bad it's going to rain!!!!! Nothing better than hot humid rain lol.

milu said...

Have great trip!! ^^

I enby to u, ur skin looks so pretty~
ur recommend some product? i dont know but i heard japanese producsts are good^^

anyway have fun :D

Lovely_Moo said...


I just found a product that worked well with my skin and stopped switching around products on my face. I did break out a lot while on my trip though because of the weather change I think lol! I also ate a lot of fried and oily stuff. Gotta watch what you eat too!

Thanks, I had so much fuN!

Jen said...

I LOVE their Amino-AG Eye Treatment!! I got it as a sample once and I'm willing to buy the big 38$ bottle just b/c it worked so well!

Your skin looks amazing!

nakedsushi said...

I like 2% too. Whole milk is too thick and non-fat just tastes like water. But I can't even drink that much milk b/c of lactose intolerancy, which sucks sometimes.

Lovely_Moo said...

I like their eye cream too but I'm now looking for something stronger for my eye circles lol. My skin has been horrible after the trip though. I think it's the plane air and the oily unhealthy food I was eating haha!


lol yea whole milk tastes too fat! You can try soy milk. It's the same but maybe tastier hehe.